Monday, October 6, 2008

A Step Back in Time

Jenny on the Spot is always finding these cool sites or knows of someone who finds cool sites and then I end up wasting entirely too much time playing on them. This one came from her too!

So here is another site that is sure to waste your time if you're looking to kill some!

Yearbook Yourself

Would you like to see what I would of looked like in 1952? No? Then stop reading. Otherwise, continue:

Pretty scarey - huh? Good thing I wasn't around then! How about 1956?

Wow! Even scarier! Let's skip ahead 10 years. 1966:

Wow! I think my body is a little too small in this one for my hair! Did people really have hair like that?

Alright, skip forward a few years, to a year in which I was actually alive. 1984:

Don't think I would've fit in there too well either!

Moving along. 1998:

Sadly enough - I think this one could of passed for me! See this is my actual senior picture:

Not too far off!

So have some fun! It's Monday - who's really suppose to be working anyway!


stephanie (bad mom) said...

That is a scream [I will definitely be staying away from that site].

And yes, my mom had that big ol' hair when she graduated in 1965.

Super cute senior pic, btw!

jennyonthespot said...

Those are AWESOME! Isn't that site just hilarious!? I bet we could have a party where we just yearbook people all night and it'd be one of the funniest parties ever!

Hey - but what a sweet senior picture :) When did you graduate anyway? Are you not admitting that?


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