Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm Lost - But You Get Some Deals

Ok, I know I keep doing this. I start getting comments and then poof - I disappear! I don't know what my problem is!

Of course I started this post about 1 1/2 hours ago before I got distracted and you can clearly see that I didn't get very far! While I have plenty I could be writing about, I'm at a loss for words and being able to put them together all in one coherent post.

While I'm creating my good excuse for not blogging and trying to find my words in order to do so, you can do some shopping with these promo codes. (See I do think about you guys even when I'm not blogging....)

New York & Company
Use promo code 1116 for $25 off your $75 order
Use promo code 1106 for $50 off your $150 order

Expires 12/31/09

Fashion Bug
Use promo code 776226300 for $5 off your $30+ order

Expires 12/31/09

Use promo code AV81131 for 25% off your order

Expires 12/31/09

Use promo code 776714206 for $5 off your $30+ order.

Expires 12/31/09

Bare Feet Shoes

Use promo code BFS587433 for 10% off your order.

Expires 12/31/09

Use promo code 129205 for 10% off your $100 + order.

Expires 12/31/09

Company Kids
Use promo code KIDSTUFF09 for 20% off one item.

Expires 12/31/09

And you read all of the above correctly. All of these codes are good until 2009!

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow a little less distracted by this crazy life I live.


Jean said...

Awesome! I may come back and grab some code!

teleTwenties said...

Thanks for sharing, definitely will come in handy for Christmas shopping!

Rhonda said...

Thanks for sharing the great codes. Time to do some Christmas shopping!!

Carrie Poisel said...

I'm excited to have found this post! Thanks for sharing your great finds!



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