Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Like His Name....

(It's really not a political post - I promise!!)

This weekend we were talking to Girl about the upcoming elections. Where Shitface is very open about his support for McCain, I on the other hand am still undecided. (I know, I know - I don't have much time left!)

Now growing up as a kid, my father NEVER told us who he voted for and we knew not to ask. I'm still not very sure the reason for this but I do know that I'm not feeling very open to telling people who I'm voting for - not that I even know at this point!

Anyway the topic came up this weekend and Girl was saying that she's "voting" for Obama. Of course she then wanted to know who both of us were voting for. Of course she wasn't happy that I wouldn't tell her who I was voting for so to change the subject, I started asking her questions as to why she was "voting" for him and her response:

Girl: I think his name is cool!

Girl: Harek. Obamo.

You mean: Barack Obama?

Girl: Yea, that's it.

I guess that's all that matters when you're 8! Wish I could still vote for those reasons! It sure would make things easier.


Donna said...

Some people who are voting for him have even less of a reason, LOL! I hope that you vote for your husband's and our country's safety - vote for McCain!

CC said...

Considering all the bad flack he's gotten for his name (and come on! He didn't name himself. Blame his parents if you don't like it), it's nice to hear someone (albeit a child) who thinks it sounds cool!

Mommyhood is Thankless said...

When I was little I said I thought Bush should win because he never got to do anything before. Not sure how I came up with that one


Suz said...

That's cute, and so innocent!

Mike said...

So why did your dad not tell you who he was voting for? Hmmm. Let me offer some possible reasons:
> He's of the opinion that your vote is yours - it's confidential and how you voted is your business and no one else's.
> He has the propensity for not voting the same party as the vast majority of his family and didn't want his political views to become an issue with his family.
> He wanted you grow up to vote based on your feelings and thoughts and not to vote the (insert political party here) party because that's what he did. Politics are not hereditary.
> He was so disgusted voting for losers all the time that he was embarrassed by his selection.
> He usually forgot by the time he got home from the polls.

Now, this much I will guarantee you - it was at least one but probably more than one of the above.

As for his feelings about this particular contest, he's not crazy about either candidate and will be trying to pick the one who he considers the lesser of two evils. This country sorely needs to expand beyond the two party system and give us more of a selection than Mr. Bad or Mr. Mediocre. Come to think of it, maybe that's what he'll do - vote for one of the media neglected alternative parties.

itsahumanzoo said...

Oh, the mind of an 8 year old, it's a beautiful thing. I know there are much worse reasons that people vote based on, though.

Mommy Mary said...

I don't tend to talk polotics very often, partly because my parents never did, partly because I don't trust the news sources enough, There are a few moral issues I get fired up about, and there's a kid at work that loves to push those buttons...

Emily N. said...

Your vote is very important. Thank you for making your decision based on more than just a cool sounding name. ;)

Ornery's Wife said...

Do you seriously call your husband shithead????

As for voting on a name, with all the media slant it is just as good a reason as any to vote one way or the other. However, I will be SOOOO glad when the election is over. We voted absentee, so are already done with it.

The Bargain Shopper Lady said...

I guess I assumed all military related people voted Republican. All my friends who are miliary families do and seem veyr strong in their beliefs. I think it's kinda cool that they believe in something so much.
I think both candidates are very liberal and I think everyone is ready for this whole thing to be over.

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