Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Is October Over Yet?

It's the first day of October! CRAP!! That means that the stupid holiday called Halloween is now on my children's minds.

Am I one of the only ones out there that loathes this holiday?

First of all you get dressed up in some stupid costume and then go around and beg for candy. Who doesn't love free candy? Well for me - I don't have much of a sweet tooth and the whole thought just bothers me!

And if you had my Girl, you would probably see one of the many reasons I can't stand it. Take last year. I take her to Target to pick out a costume. The first one she wants is upwards of $45. I refuse to spend that kind of money on a costume said child will only wear once.

I pick out a costume I think she will like and she rolls her eyes at me. I guess that ones a no go.

She then picks out another costume appropriate for a 22 year old - not a 6 year old! I tell her no way in hell!

I pick out another costume to be met with those same glaring eyes of "are you kidding me". That's too babyish. I'm not wearing that.

She picks out another costume - decent until I look at the $50 price tag. I tell her that's too much money and she proceeds to whine and cry that this is the ONLY one she likes and why can't she have it!

I pick out a similar costume that doesn't have all the "bells and whistles". No way she exclaims, that one doesn't have the cool shoes! ( I didn't know we were buying it for the shoes!)

This proceeds to go on for about 45 minutes when I give up and tell her to pick a costume in the next 5 minutes or she isn't going at all.

And what do we end up with? The first costume that I picked out!

And this goes on every year! I think I'm just going to spare myself the pain this year and get her costume online. That way I only have to listen to her whine at home and not at the store that she doesn't like it and then ends up loving!


ToadMama said...

You've been saying for a while you're going to buy on-line. You'd better hurry up. Halloween will be here before you know it. I can't believe it is already October!

Dana said...

Hi! I found your blog via another blog (funny how that works) and saw this so I had to comment. I also have a girl (who is almost 8) that feels she should be allowed to have the most expensive costume she can find. Not allowed, of course, and then I am the meanest Mommy ever! We browsed the other day until I was ready to pull my hair out. She couldnt make up her mind...not to mention those things are ridiculously expensive for something that will only be worn once!

Amy said...

only a few more days! Then october will be over...

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