Tuesday, September 30, 2008

From the Mouth of....

Boy 1 has been having a few difficult days following directions and rules in school this week. This isn't particularly unlike him as we have these issues with him every so often.

On Friday, he was apparently running around his classroom which he knows he's not allowed to do. He was given a warning and he still didn't stop and so he was placed in time out.

When he got home and told me this I was asking him why he wasn't listening. He is forever telling me what happened but not why it happened. We can talk ourselves in circles. Take for instance this:

Me: Why did you get in trouble?
Boy 1: I was running around.
Me: Why were you running around?
Boy 1: Well Ms. ---- told me to stop and I didn't.
Me: Ok, I understand that but why were you running.
Boy 1: Because I wasn't walking.
Me: Ok, but why weren't you walking.
Boy 1: Because I was running.

So you see how this can go and it can get quite annoying. On Friday I explained to him that I knew WHAT happened that got him in trouble but I wanted to know why he wasn't listening to his teacher.

Boy 1: **complete silence**
Me: Well....
Boy 1: Would you like for me to tell you?

Yes, I want you to tell me!! This has been the whole point of this conversation!! Please tell me!!

And in the end, I still never got an answer. I guess it's pretty much hopeless trying to get anything out of an almost 5 year old!


Crayl said...

You know, they don't know why. Seriously. I mean, if he was chasing someone, or being chased, then he would tell you. Maybe he just needed to run around. I know it's frustrating, sorry. It's common for the age for a boy too. Just keep trying.

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