Wednesday, September 24, 2008

From the Mouth of....

I know, I know. It's not Tuesday. But this is a special from the mouth of. This one is actually from the Girl! Since she just knows it all at the tender age of 7 3/4 she doesn't say too many funny things these days.

However, we're walking through the grocery store the other day in the milk section buying not only regular milk but Lactaid for Boy 2 as well. (That's a whole other story that I've never told.) For whatever reason she decided to take an extreme interest in the types of milk that particular day.

She is walking along slowly studying each one as she stops at one. (I don't know which one though.) She points at is and says, "Mom is this one made from cow's pee too?"

ME: What?!?!? Who told you that milk is made from cows pee?
GIRL: Well Mom, haven't you seen them get the milk? They pee it out.
ME: No, Honey. That's not how it works.
GIRL: Well how does it work?
ME: Well, it comes from their utters.
GIRL: What's that?
ME: Well, have you ever seen a mommy feed her baby using these (as I point to my boobs)?
GIRL: Yeah.
ME: Well its like the same thing. Mommy's make milk for their babies just like cows make milk.
GIRL: Oh, ok.

She seemed content with the answer and didn't ask any more questions. Hopefully I didn't give too much information and scar her for life!


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