Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sleep Deprived

So things have just not gotten back into a normal routine since we've been back. Well actually most things have but my sleeping schedule has not. I have become such a light sleeper that even the slightest noise will wake me up.

Seriously, I wake up 10-15 times a night! And it could be for various things.

Take for instance, one night:

11:20 - dog footsteps. I think it's a kid so I get up to check on them.

12:00 - exhaust vent thingy outside falling during a storm. (yes, noises outside) I have no idea what it is so I rush upstairs to see what it is and can't find anything. (The next day I found the cause of the noise)

1:30 - alarm system beeping. Sensor 4 (bathroom window) low battery. (Are you kidding me!!)

2:15 - more footsteps. I get up to check again and nothing - the dog is sleeping. I must of imagined it.

3:30 - waking up for no apparent reason.

5:00 - Boy 2 up playing in his crib. (I can hear it through the monitor)

6:00 - Boy 2 screaming to get up.

6:05 - The alarm goes off!

The next night:

11:16 - Boy 2 awake playing in his crib.

11:47 - Boy 2 awake and screaming! I go upstairs to comfort him. However, every time I go to walk out of the room he screams again. He picks his head up every two seconds to ensure I'm still there.

12:12 - I give up and go back downstairs. Boy 2 is still screaming and I'm hoping he'll stop soon before waking up Boy 1 and Girl.

12:18 - Girl comes downstairs to inform me Boy 2 is screaming. (Duh!!) I tell her to go back upstairs.

12:45ish - I finally fall asleep.

1:50 - I wake up and swear I hear breathing. I think it's the dog. I look around no dog in sight and door still closed. I must have imagined it.

3:40 - Footsteps. Again they appear to be imaginary as I can't find the source of them.

5:00 - Boy 2 awake and playing in crib.

6:05 - Alarm goes off.

And I could go on for just about every night in the past two weeks! Same thing - every night!

By Friday I was exhausted. I skipped the gym and came home. (Only after driving all the way to the gym and sitting in the parking lot...) I slept from 8am to noon! I woke up and figured I was just taking the day off :-)

I did get some good sleep over the weekend though. Back in the arms of Shitface this weekend, I slept sound as could be. And he let me sleep in both Sunday and Monday until 10am!! It was awesome.

Of course last night back here in Maryland - I slept like CRAP - Again!

Maybe one night things will get back to normal...until then expect in frequent posting as I never know if I'll be too tired to think of something worth while to blog about.

Wish me luck!!


Tootsie Farklepants said...

Good luck!!

Shannon said...

Are you still out there?!

Michelle said...

oh man I hope you're able to catch up on some sleep soon!

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