Monday, September 22, 2008

Preschool Drama

Boy 1 goes to a private preschool. I like it because they provide a structured learning time whereas his last daycare was like a romper room! This place also provides transportation so they pick him up at 7am and drop him off at 4:30pm. It's great because it saves me having to drive across town to get him there.

He went to this school before we left for the summer and after our return we put him back into the same school since we were pleased with it. However, upon our return we found out that there is a new teacher teaching his class, Ms. Mickey (names have been changed) Not too big of a deal....or so I thought.

It appears that we have a communication issue which I assume is because I'm not in there everyday since they provide the transportation. I've tried leaving notes in bookbag or in his homework book - which are never read, (I guess they give him homework for no reason since they never check it) I've called several times and discussed my concerns with the owner of the school and everything will be fine for a day or two.

But for the past few weeks Boy 1 comes home saying things like:

  • Ms. Mickey says you need to put my breakfast in this bag. (of course he is fed there so I was confused...)
  • Ms. Mickey says you need to put my name on my lunch box. (I've never been a fan of doing this for safety issues - I'd rather him loose it)
  • Ms. Mickey says you need to get me school supplies (I already did this!!)
  • Ms. Mickey says you need to help me with my homework. (I do help, but I refuse to do it!)
  • Ms. Mickey says you need to buy me new shoe laces. (WTF?)
So the last instance, it was early in the morning when Boy 1 came downstairs to tell me this. So early I wasn't even out of bed yet!! So I may or may not have made the following comment :

"You tell Ms. Mickey that you're not a messenger and that if she has something to tell me she needs to write me a note or call!"

After I told him that I was smacking myself in the head. While I think it would probably be pretty funny if he said it, it's probably not the best way to handle the situation. I guess only time will tell if he actually says anything to her. For now I'm still in the clear..


ToadMama said...

I really, REALLY would love to be there when he tells the teacher that one. You know he will, too. It's just a matter of time.

Love, Mom

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