Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Better Late Than Never

First and foremost I need to say:

Happy 5th Birthday Boy 1.

**And no I didn't forget but with having Shitface home for the long weekend, and me not posting on weekends as it is and still not being able to get back on track - it's a little late.

Boy 1 is five! What a big age for such a little boy. Since he is now five he can do everything! (At least in his eyes.) He no longer needs to stand on a stool at the sink - because he's five. He no longer needs to sit in a booster at the table - because he's five. He no longer needs help in deciding his clothes - because he's five. He no longer needs to be cuddled - because he's five. He no longer needs me to tell him to brush his teeth - oh no wait, yes he does!

So the point is my oldest boy is growing up to be an independent little man... well as independent as five will allow anyway. It seems like just yesterday he was learning to walk and talk. And looking back at pictures the other day (trying to find one I was allowed to post) I found this.

He wasn't even two here and was chasing ducks around the park.
He has since learned to leave the ducks alone.

But in keeping with my regular Tuesday From the Mouth of... I have a guest today.

For Boy 1's party we took him and a few friends bowling. At some point during the night Shitface and I had kissed in front of the boys and we got this from a friend, we'll call D.

D: Ewww... that's disgusting!

Me: What? Why?

D: Because you kissed and that's disgusting.

Me: So your Mommy and Daddy are disgusting too when they kiss?

D: No. My Daddy is disgusting because he married my Mommy!

And there you have it!


Jesica said...

Wow! I wonder what our kids say about us when we're not listening.

Hopefully nicer things than that!

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