Saturday, February 5, 2011


So with December, brought it's own issues.  Some old, some new.

I was still technically recovering from surgery.  I still wasn't suppose to be driving but decided to anyway.  I tried to take it easy - I really did; but life just sometimes didn't allow that to happen.

After about 4 weeks; I was allowed to start wearing a tennis shoe again.  But ONLY tennis shoes, with ties.  Do you know how limiting to your wardrobe it is to only be able to wear tennis shoes?

Luckily since I had planned on still being on crutches for the entire month of December, all of my holiday shopping was done.  Of course that didn't stop me from buying more things here and there; but for the most part I was done.

But with the shopping done; it only left wrapping to do.  Of all of the things holiday related - I least
expected wrapping to be one of the most depressing for me.  Let me see if I can explain.

My husband and I have this kind of ritual.  We sit down together to wrap presents several times throughout the month.  My husband; he tries; but he is a very slow wrapper.

Wrapping is one thing I am definitely better at than him (and Wii Tennis) and I like to rub it in as much as possible.  So at the end of each of our wrapping sessions; I like to tally up how many presents each of us has wrapped.  It's normally something like 22 to 9!  LOL!

Since there aren't too many things to boast about being better at than him; I take full advantage of this opportunity - especially since it only comes once a year.

But he wasn't here for any of that this year.

There was one night that I begged my friend Tiffany to help me wrap (and her wrapping tendencies are very similar to my husbands).  We had fun but it just wasn't the same.  Nothing can ever replace my husband.

To be continued....


Jeannette said...

*Hugs* I hope you are healing up alright. I've had far too many surgeries in the last couple of years so I know how hard it is to take it easy.

Tiff said...

Hey! I wasn't that far behind and my things were harder to wrap!

Amy said...

Ummm....Tiff. They weren't harder. I think it was mostly clothes and I even put them in the boxes for you. :-)

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