Friday, December 19, 2008

Wishbone Wishing

My sister and I had this tradition every Thanksgiving of breaking the wishbone when we were kids - and actually even a couple years ago for that matter.

But I decided that I had to grow up and pass this tradition onto my kids this year.

After I explained the rules, they were set and ready to go.

(**Don't mind all the green paint on Boy 1 - he is 5 after all**)

I'm not real sure what happened as this was the result:

It had cracked into 6 pieces! I have never before had or seen this happen. They were both pretty bummed when I told them that no ones wish was going to come true...

Has this happened to anyone before or know why it would happen? Did I do something wrong? I'm thinking that they may have been so excited that they pulled incredibly too that possible?

I guess we'll have to try again next year....


Mike said...

OK, two things.
NEVER tell them they they both lost! Tell them it's a draw and maybe part of each of their wishes will come true :-)
Next, don't let the wishbone sit around and dry so long. The moister the bone is, the more flexible - less likely to shatter.


Shannon said...

The wishbone was from the Thanksgiving day turkey, right? Maybe it was too dried out. I seem to remember we would only wait a few days before making our wishes. . .

beck said...

Oh! WHen that happens, you BOTH get your wishes!
My parents DOG ate the last wishbone at Thanksgiving, so maybe we'll have better luck this Christmas!

myra said...

Not sure I've ever seen that one! Will you try again at Christmas?

xxAnnaxx said...

Me and my boyfirend both wished with a chicken bone, then we both pulled at the same time and instead of one of us getting the bigger piece with the bit that connected the bits together, that bit fell on the floor and left us with the same size pieces. i asked my boyfriend what he whished for and he ended up whishing for the same thing as me ... I was freaked out. i dont weather its a good or bad thing.

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