Monday, December 8, 2008


So now that everyone is done telling their Thanksgiving story - I'm ready to tell mine!

We actually kind of boycotted Thanksgiving this year. Our intention was to go out of town for the long weekend - we even sent the kids to the grandparents house!

However, our plans didn't quite work out that way. I mean, yea we were still kid-less but we just didn't make it out of town like we planned.

Since we were home though and had already told all the family that we wouldn't be in attendance, we decided to cook our own Thanksgiving dinner. Okay -really, SF cooked us Thanksgiving dinner. (I would of been happy just finding a restaurant and going out to eat. But not SF. He wouldn't have it!)

Here are a few pictures of our dinner:

Doesn't that turkey look awesome!

And here are the mashed sweet potatoes. (That I actually tried and kind of liked.)

And of course the pies. (As you can see from them, SF was a little impatient and had to try each of them out - hence the little holes in the middle of them.)

I didn't get pictures of it all but we had turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, stuffing, cranberry sauce, rolls and two pies - all for just the TWO of us!

It was actually really good and besides the pies, SF made everything himself. And I didn't even have to help! It was awesome! I don't know which was more awesome - that it was so good or that I didn't have to help!

Hope everyone else had a great holiday as well.


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