Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 128

I seem to have missed my 125 day countdown.  I'm not entirely sure how that has happened, but I guess it's not a bad thing.  I guess it signifies that the days are moving fairly quickly - or at least busy enough that they all seem like a blur.

As I've mentioned to several people recently though, the days seems to drag on but the months seem to be flying by.  We are almost to our half-way mark for R&R and I can't wait!  And only about 8 more months before this stupid deployment is over!

Obviously since, I didn't realize what day it was, I'm not planning anything special to celebrate the passing of another 25 days like I normally do.

What I do have planned though is attending the Family Program Academy in Pittsburgh this weekend.  Have any of you attended the same thing or similar for your FRG group?  And are any of you located in the Pittsburgh area?


Renee said...

Amy ~ I COMPLETELY missed the 125 mark, too! Isn't that strange?? How did I do that? Last week was just a blur for both of us, I guess!

Like you, we are 1/2 way to R&R! And I cannot wait!!

I hope you are doing well!

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