Friday, August 27, 2010


7:  The number of days since I have last been on blogger.  I've taken an unannounced/unexpected break from blogging and the internet in general this week (okay, really - I did read a few posts from my phone while waiting at various places over the course of the week) and have been trying to be productive.

558:  The number of unread posts in my Google reader.  (See above).  My break has been a success but I miss reading everyone's blogs and feeling like I have some sort of adult interaction.  I'll be back soon but please excuse my lack of commenting (or perhaps even reading altogether) as my Google reader is scaring me and I might just be tempted to hit the "mark all as read" button.

5.5:  The number of hours I spent in the Pittsburgh airport on Sunday trying to get home.  The flight was delayed numerous times due to weather (or so they say - when I spoke to my parents at home they said it was sunny and the birds were chirping...)

20:  The number of weeks my husband has been gone.

2: The number of times I was puked on by my lovely 3 year old at the football field on Monday night.

48:  The number of days since I've spoken to my (supposed) best friend.  There will be a post coming shortly about this and really just friends (or the lack there of) in general so far during the course of deployment.

139:  The number of days my husband has been deployed. We are more than half way to R&R!  Yay!

4:  The number of nights I spend on the sports field every week between football and soccer.  Not to mention the 5 1/2 hours I'll spend on the field this Saturday for the actual games.

1:  The number of times we ate out as a family this month.  After spending a ton of money last month, I challenged myself to stop the frivolous spending (which included eating out).  And even this one time, was a stop at McDonald's for lunch last Friday before I dropped my kids at my parents house on my way to the airport.  To celebrate, we're going out to dinner tonight!


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