Saturday, September 18, 2010

Challenge #4 - Remain Calm & Friendly

As difficult as I know it is,  you need to stay calm and have a friendly disposition.

When an ADHD child can sense anger, they will likely match (if not top) that anger.

As much as I find myself raising my voice with anger (mostly because he isn't following directions); I need to step back and practice those breathing exercises we have been working on with him in therapy, and try to remain calm.

It is very easy to just start yelling when put in a situation where it seems your requests are being ignored.  I need to realize that isn't normally the case.  Most times he doesn't intentionally ignore me (although sometimes I'm sure he does) and if I start off by yelling at him, it's only going to make things worse.

This is honestly probably one of my hardest challenges.  I grew up in a house where as soon as my father raised his voice - we obeyed immediately.  I have tended to use that same practice with my children - although it doesn't seem to work very well; especially with a child with ADHD who will only turn around and match me.

My goal is to not raise my voice or yell at any of my kids for the entire day.  There are other ways to get to my point across and I need to work on them.  I know one day isn't much, but it's a starting point which will hopefully take off with time. 


Anonymous said...

That's a good one. I find myself raising my voice alot at my son. He sticks his fingers in his ears to ignore me. It makes me even madder and he knows it. I think I holler at him too much. Although it's not my goal to holler at him. Most the time, I'm begging for peace.

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