Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Challenge #1 - Stay Healthy and Positive Yourself

The first and most important step before being able to help your child is to help yourself.  You need to eat right, exercise, find ways to reduce stress and get adequate sleep before you will be able to fully function in the level needed to be able to successfully parent a child with ADHD.

It is my goal to start going to the gym again on a regular basis or if my schedule doesn't allow it, to at least walk around the track/field during sports practices (cause we all know I'm there enough with 3 children!).

I will be trying to more closely watch what I eat.  While I have been doing decent with this, I still crack under pressure of fast food when it's more convenient than going home to cook something.  I have recently started doing freezer cooking and this works wonders for our family.  It's mostly during my lunch or the weekends where I'm exhausted or we're between games that I tend to resort to fast food.  I need to better plan lunches and weekends to avoid this.

Since I've been working full-time since the school year started, I haven't had too much trouble sleeping like I was during the beginning of deployment.  We'll see if that continues as I begin to cut hours over the next few weeks.

As far as relaxation.  I need to come up with a plan for this one.  I try to get the grandparents to take my kids at least one weekend a month with ideas of pure relaxation in my mind.  However, I generally seem to fill up that time hanging out with friends and constantly being on the go - fun, but not very relaxing.  I need suggestions on daily relaxation techniques.  How do you relax after a long day?


annoyed army wife said...

I've started meditating. It might be kind of hard with the kids, but it really helps me.

Renee said...

You can do it Amy!!! Hmm.... meditating - I've never tried that!

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