Friday, September 17, 2010

Challenge #3 - Give Clear Commands

Start every command by stating his name in attempt to get his attention.  If I walk into his room while he is watching TV and simply tell him to clean his room - it's NEVER gonna get done.

I must first ensure I have his attention and he is looking at me.  Saying his name, generally does the trick (but not always).  Then begin with the first simple direction.  Saying clean your room (even if I have his attention) is NOT gonna result in a clean room.

I must say, "Please pick up your football gear of the floor".  In the ideal world, I would stand there and wait for it to be completed before moving onto the next step.  However, with 2 other kids in the house, this doesn't and can't happen.

After the first direction is complete, he is either required to come see me for the next instruction or I will check on him frequently to ensure it is getting done.  I then give the next specific instruction.  "Please put your shoes away in the closet".

This process continues until his room is clean.

My goal is to ultimately be able to give him a list of specific items he needs to do in order to clean his room and eliminate him having to come get me or me having to check on him every few minutes.  But for starters, this works. 

This works the same for all commands.  As a general rule of thumb most ADHD kids can only remember/process 1 or 2 step instructions at a time.  If given more than that, they are only being set up for failure. 


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