Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Perfect Ending to an Awesome Weekend

Toadmama is always proclaiming that her hubby is awesome - so I have to let everyone know that I have a pretty awesome hubby too! While he may not have all the fancy tools and may not make these, and he doesn't search for fodder for my blog - he sure does know how to cap off an awesome weekend.

But first the weekend (mine starts Thursday evening as I don't work on Friday's). Thursday night, Toadmama came over to hang out for TTT. We couldn't go anywhere since SF (aka my hubby) was out of town and the kids were sleeping so we hung out at the house with a few beverages and talked. It was great to catch up in person.

Then Friday evening I hosted fondue and wine night at my house. I really wish I would have remembered to get the camera out and take pictures. April, Jamie and Janelle came over with a variety of cookies, fruit, pretzels, pound cake, chocolate, breads, cheese and wine (and other drinks) and again the four of us sat around the table eating and laughing our asses off! A good time was had by all!

Saturday I packed the kids and drove to my best friends house in Pennsylvania to spend the night. The kids had an awesome time hanging out together (even though G got sick that evening) and Amber and I had just as much, if not more fun. Of course we had a ton to catch up on and we were up til almost 4am playing Wii bowling.

Needless to say, it was a little rough getting up Sunday morning to drive home. But we did it and got home around noon. SF was finally home as well and we laid the kids down for naps and promptly took naps ourselves!

So by now you're probably wondering what my husband being awesome has to do with all of this...especially since I didn't see him most of the weekend. Well, after dinner and after the kids were put to bed, SF ran a hot bath, lit the candles and told me to go relax with a book in the tub! Which I did! How awesome is that?

It was a perfect ending to an awesome weekend spent with family and friends.


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