Thursday, November 6, 2008

What's in Your Wash?

Did you hear about this story over the summer? Well lucky me, I don't have anything like that. But would you like to see some of the recent findings in our washer?

Let's take a look:

Of course we have the miscellaneous change:

I don't think I'll be getting rich this way!

Then of course we have the random button:

I generally have no idea what these belong to but I happen to know that this one belongs to my pants!

Then there is this file folder tab:

I have no idea how this ended up in here.

This one took a little searching for it's home. Any guesses?

It's actually the end cap of a jump rope.

There there are the various rivets:

Again, I have no idea what these came off of.

Then there is this. Any guesses? I think I finally figured it out.

I originally thought it was from the Lite-Brite but it's not. I now think that it's the bottom portion of a pen.

And then of course. Last but not least:

What washer would be complete without a lock!

Share with me - what have been some of your crazy finds in your washer or dryer?


tiffer said...

I have never found anything like a lock in my washer but last night I found $5.00 (don't tell Jason). Whoever does the laundry gets to keep what they find!

ToadMama said...

Finders keepers at our house, too! I think the purple thing is the tip from a mechanical pencil. Or a pen. That's a pretty good guess. What I want to know... was this all in your washer at one time?

Love, Mom

Mike said...

I'm forever finding money in the washer. Of course, I'm forever forgetting to take money out of my pockets so it should be of no surprise that it is found.

Most memorable find?
Crayons. But I didn't find them in the washer, I didn't find them until the end of the dryer cycle. Why (or which) one of my two darling daughters had a crayon in her pocket is unknown but what is known is that from that day forward, kid clothes were washed separately from adult clothes.

Anonymous said...

Hey I found that lock in one of our back packs the last time i was home but don't look at me that way I DIDN'T PUT IT IN THE WASHER.

Luv ya

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