Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Me Impatient?!?

Okay, so I admit - I'm impatient! After this post, I couldn't wait to find something to do with all my apples and I took the first suggestion that was given to me!

I made baked apples that same night I posted this. I know - I missed out on a lot of other good possibilities - but oh well. What can I say but I like instant gratification.

Here's how I did it.

I cut up some apples:

Then I mixed some sugar and cinnamon:

Then I mixed the apples and the cinnamon sugar with a little bit of butter:

And baked them in the oven at 350 for about an hour. They looked like this right out of the oven:

And they were delicious! Of course this was all I had left after the kids got a hold of them.

I guess now I have to go out and buy more apples so I can try some of the other recipe suggestions. I'll have to let you all know what else I make.


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