Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Growing Every Day

The other day I washed Boy 2's winter coat. (I know that he just started wearing it this season but it was never washed from last season.) As I was folding laundry I got to his coat and handed it to him. I asked him to go put it away.

He took it and ran off down the hall. I heard him making noise in his room but ignored it and continued folding laundry. I promptly forgot about the whole thing after 30 minutes of folding laundry.

So when I went into his room to put his laundry away and saw this - I laughed out loud!

Bless his heart - he really tried hard to put that coat away! He continues to amaze me every day on his understanding of things.


ToadMama said...

Aw. I would have laughed out loud, too!

Mommy Mary said...

Thats so cute!
and a great try :)

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