Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm a Winner!

No not a wiener - a WINNER! October was apparently my lucky month for a change, as I won a lot of cool stuff. And amazingly enough only one of them was through the bloggy carnival.

Here is a list of my winnings.

First I won this CD from Jen at Cheaper Than Therapy.

Then I won this really cute piggy bank from Cheri at Blog This Mom.

Then I won a $50 GC to Kroger's from Mir at WantNot.

Next I won a CupCooley from Jubilee at Notes of Jubilee.

And then the only one I won from the bloggy giveaway - I won Mark. lipstick and a scarf from Hollie at Just a Little Something.

Makes for a pretty cool month in my book! Oh and this month not only does Shitface come home for good (well until the next time) but I'm gonna get two kid FREE weekends! Just me and Shitface! How awesome is that!

All this awesomeness kinda scares me a little though because my luck in never this good. I just hope there's nothing looming in the future....


Michelle said...

You sure did have a lucky Oct!

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