Sunday, February 7, 2010


So I'm sure everyone is aware of the HUGE snow storm we got here on the east coast. Official total at our house - 26 inches! Holy cow! It was record setting snowfall totals!

Here are some pictures for proof:

To give you an idea if you've never seen my dog before in person, he's really, really big! His back measures at 29 inches!

There was SO much snow, I even got to build a snow fort. I think I've definitely won the "Mommy of the Week" award. And while you can't tell, all three of the kids can fit in there at the same time. Even I was impressed with myself.

After three days of shoveling (almost all done by SF and our snow blower neighbors) we are finally dug out. We also saw a snow plow for the first time late this evening!

Of course this is in the forecast for us here in Maryland in less than 48 hours:

This map is only for Tuesday and only shows us getting an inch of snow. However, it's suppose to continue up until Wednesday afternoon. says we can expect another 5+ inches of snow to fall. You've got to be kidding me! WTF?


shan said...

It's really not fair and that's all I'm gonna say.

tiffer said...

I have heard we can expect another 12-20 inches...BOO!

KP said...

I'm jealous! I left Maryland right before the big storm... but I fly back on Friday so perhaps there will still be some residual snow around :)

Amy said...

KP - I'm sure you won't miss out as we just got ANOTHER 20+ inches today! I'll hopefully have a post about that soon.

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